Building a thriving society within communities


Committed to strengthening the legal and human rights of community members by analyzing and presenting practical solutions to existing difficulties.

As a forward-thinking organization, we work with partners at all levels of the community to develop a practical approach to establishing a consensus on changes that must be implemented to solve barriers to the execution of legal and human rights.

Aerial view over salt marsh plains on the Wadden Sea coast. Uithuizen, Groningen Province.

What we do

We help the community bridge the gaps that lead to non-compliance with current legal and human rights obligations.

We Engage

Engage with the legal community to promote the protection of legal and human rights.

We Prevent

Preventing legal and human rights exclusion from the justice system.

We Improve

We improve individuals’ legal and human rights, particularly those of vulnerable and marginalized groups. 

We Ensure

Through our pro bono culture dedication to the legal community, we ensure the continuous observance of legal and human rights.

What we have achieved

Hallmark Legal Pivot is anchored in the pro bono culture, with on-the-ground activities aimed at improving existing legal and human rights by bridging practical gaps in their implementation. 

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